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Snehashis Mukherjee, a budding photographer and editor on Instagram

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Snehashis Mukherjee

Snehashis Mukherjee, a boy from Kolkata, West Bengal, India is a photographer and an editor. He is also a photography enthusiast also makes an effort to edit and make videos related to his photography. He is born on 1st May, 2003 in Kolkata and being a local boy of Kolkata he has a passion for his city and it’s culture. He loves to explore and move around every bit of the city and collect stories of different cultures through his photographs. He believes that photographs to some people are just a still picture but to many it’s the story behind that photograph. He embraces the art of photography as his passion and love for the stories behind those photographs are endless. He has his own Instagram photography page where he posts all his photographs and videos. Over the time he has learnt editing photos which gives the photographs a different angle to be looked at. He relives his moment of passion through the extravagant pictures he clicks. If photography is an art, he is an absolute great artist.

Snehashis Mukherjee

Snehashis Mukherjee

Instagram Snehashis Mukherjee [https://instagram.com/snehashis__mukherjee?igshid=1lu8ev0z66mz4

Snehashis has a dream of travelling to different places all over the world and encounter new experiences and as he says that new experiences bring you new stories and new stories bring you great pictures. He also wants to be a travel blogger. He dreams of visiting every bit around the world and expresses each single thing as a live vision through his photographs. We wants to capture this beautiful world and the beautiful places and scenarios of it by clicking photographs. He aims to lift up the cultures, programmes, beauty and many more of different spots to all the people around the world. He wants to showcase and express all these natural and social beauty through his travelling and photography. He wants to interact with different kinds of people all over the world sharing their blogging and photography stories with each other and to experience and know more about the world.

He has started off with his own photography page with a minimum follower of 80+ but as he went on to show his skills and talent, he has earned over 1500+ followers. He has been very motivational and committed to his passion to grow up to this stage. There are many photographers all over the world but not everyone shares the stories behind their pictures unlike Snehashis do. He has his own photography page on Instagram. He learnt a lot and still goes on learning more by engaging with people, bloggers sharing their views with each other. He posts his beautiful and creative captures in his own page. He has also got featured in many pages and websites. He makes his account look attractive by giving a proper bio of his passion and putting his memories in the story highlights. He tells he would go on improving his skills and showcases his talents to make his page a brighter one and to enlighten many more artists and travel bloggers. He consistent in his work and his passion and love for his work really praises everyone. His page: @__creating__art

Snehashis is both a very creative as well as a supportive person. He is also the founder and admin of three featuring and creative pages which supports all kinds of artworks and different kinds of artists. He thus supports many artists, communicates with them, helps in providing suggestions to make their own platform to showcase their talents through their hardwork. He himself features their works giving them full credits in his featuring pages. He also helps other pages in collaboration of different kinds of events held. He himself creates contest of different themes to encourage more artists to show their talents in different platforms. He do lighten up their wills by providing them with certificates and both feed and story feature as a reward of their hardwork. He helps everyone by providing them suggestions through his views and works. He wants to carry this on forever being kind, helpful and supportive to everyone.

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