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Keshabpur Upazila

The name Keshabpur was first heard in 1802. Jessore Tala Road was being constructed at that time. Jitram Saha (1807) built a pool on the Keshabpur canal. After four years he was promoted to Keshabpur police station. Hat used to sit on the north side of the canal and later it also sat on the south side. Sukhmoy Mukherjee was the owner of the old hat part and Sukhsindhu and Sudhasindhu Banerjee were the successors to Keshab Patni in the past of the new hat part (Altapol). Both of them got this land due to the expatriates. When the dispute between the two parties escalated, the Narail zamindar intervened and the situation changed. The old hat was called Bar Ana and the new Hat was called Char Ana Hat. The police station was named Keshabpur after Keshabpatni. Mirzanagar was a prosperous town in British India. Even when Jessore district was declared in 1781, the name of that police station is in history. It was the second commercial center of Jessore district. Not to mention (1764-1772) Keshabpur name was not in Renal map. Pazia was the center of the British-Indian revolution.