How to Add Your Site to Google News

Adding your website to Google News can help bring additional exposure to your website if approved by the Google News team after review. Anyone can submit their website to Google for inclusion in Google News; However, there are certain criteria for Google to accept your submission. In addition to reviewing your website for original content, Google will review the format and layout of your website for professionalism and search for a number of other key factors about authors who have contributed content to your website.

Publish original content on your website. Google will not add your site to Google News if your content has been copied from another source or is similar to the content.

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Use headlines that accurately describe news topics. Titles should have 2 to 22 words and keywords about the topic.
Place headings in bold letters directly above your articles in a news-style format.
Try using unique headlines compared to other news sites. Google News can filter your articles if the headlines match other articles that have already been published by other news sites. For example, if your news article is about married celebrities, try a unique headline like “Celebrity A: Celebrity B: Celebrity B: A Third Marriage from an Attraction” instead of “Celebrity A: Mary Celebrity B”
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Publish articles of sufficient length. Google News will search for content with an adequate word-length of at least 250 words that can add value to news readers.
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List multiple authors to create content for your website. Google News will consider the sites of established organizations, where different authors contribute news content.
Create a page on your website that shows a short biography of each author and pictures to establish a presence on your site.
Add a byline to each article that displays the author’s name and the date the article was written.
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Create multiple news articles on a daily basis. Google News will look for lots of active websites that can provide new content on a regular basis.
Publish at least 3 news articles a day to keep your content fresh and publish at least 100 articles before submitting your site to Google News for review. It will show that your website is dedicated to generating updated news stories.
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Display videos or images relevant to your website with news content. This can help make your website look more attractive and attract readers.
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Display ads on your news site. Ads will help prove that your website generates regular traffic or generates profitable business
Refrain from posting large numbers of ads on your website. After reviewing a large number of ads, your site may appear malicious to the Google News team.
Image header Add your site to Google News Step 8
Feature a “About” or “Contact” page on your website. This will help both Google News and readers who visit your website through Google News establish the legitimacy of your organization.
Provide contact information for your organization, such as the phone number, mailing address, and email address for each author or editor.
Image header Add your site to Google News Step 9
Choose a professional template or layout for your website. Google News will consider websites that will be considered as opposed to blog layouts with professional news sites.
Choose a format that is closest to your featured news type. For example, if you have a news site that specializes in sports, you can choose the layout background of a sports arena or display sidebar information about game scores or sports event dates.
Add your site to the image headline Google News Step 10
Work with your webmaster to implement specific technical requirements for Google News.
Create unique URLs for each article for proper indexing by Google News. Google News will only recognize URLs that contain at least 3 numbers and do not match the year. For example, Google News will index URLs with “995” in the headline, but not “2010” because it corresponds to one year.
Make sure your website’s hosting platform can include keywords in your article at the core of the URL. This will help Google News rank your articles more efficiently. For example, modify your Content Management (CMS) if the URLs in your article are strictly numbered instead of keywords.
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Submit your website to the Google News team for review.
Visit the featured Google website in the source section of this article and click the “Send Us” link to access the Google News submission form.
Provide your site information as requested by Google; Such as your website address, the link that displays biographies of your contributors, the type of news you provide, and much more.
Click the “Submit” button to send your site information to Google News for review. Google will notify you if your site is featured in Google News within 7 days of submission.