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Add a URL to Bing

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Navigate to the page where you will submit your website address for inclusion in Bing. The link to the page can be found in the source section of this article
You can also find the Bing.com URL submission page by searching Bing.com for “Add a URL to Bing” or a similar term. The Bing URL submission site will be among the first few sites listed.
Type the characters shown below “Type characters from the image” in the box provided. This verification step assures Bing that you are a person submitting a website to a search engine and not a program that “bots” or submits sites automatically.
If the characters are too difficult to read, click Refresh in your web browser to fetch a new set of characters.
Press your URL under “Type your homepage URL”
Click “Submit URL”. If you type the characters correctly in the verification box, a page will open to click on two pages: “Return to Bing” or “Submit another URL Submit”
Your website should now be listed on Bing. Type the address into the Bing.com search engine to see if your URL is included.

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